Performing & Visual Arts

Visual Arts

Visual Art department at Fayston helps you to explore and expand your creativity through amazing feedback and guidance to refine your creative aesthetic while developing your personal portfolio. Our department’s visual development programs include Drawing, Design Theory, AP Drawing, Watercolors, Art History, etc. These various courses are designed to facilitate each student to have the balance of skills and creativity catered to their abilities and interests.

As important as it is to fine tune their skills, it is just as important for artists to learn how to present their work. We encourage students to participate in domestic & international contests to give students more opportunities to discover their own talents. We also hold an annual art exhibit curated together by teachers and students for the public to present the student’s growth and achievement every year.



The Music Department at Fayston offers various kinds of programs where students are encouraged to sing, play their instruments, compose their own songs, and perform by collaborating with others. Our goal is to guide the students to discover their innate musical talent from God and use them to glorify Him.  


Becoming professional musicians  


Students get to explore different styles of music and hone their instrumental or vocal skills in ensembles such as Worship Team, Choir, Orchestra, and Chamber. 


Students involved in Music Program perform in the annual Music Concert, weekly chapel, as well as various small and large ensemble festivals and competitions held by KIMEA (Korea International Music Educators’ Association).  

Musical & Drama

The Drama Department provides an opportunity for learners to improve skills such as communication, social interaction, building confidence as well as flexibility of the imagination. The aim is to develop actors and theatre practitioners by training the students in many of the practical aspects of theatre including acting, voice training, movement, mime, poetry and script writing workshops. When selecting performance pieces, we guide our students to select work that shares life-giving messages inspired by God. Drama students perform in the annual Music Concert as well as off stage class work presentations. 

The Musical Theatre Program combines all the disciplines of Dance, Drama, Music and Song. Students are exposed to a variety of Musicals showcasing stories which are life - giving and God inspired. A comprehensive amount of time is spent on training the aspiring student performers in order for them to excel in various dance styles, drama and musical genres. Musical students perform in the annual Musical Production. 

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