Our Athletic Program is fully committed to its student athletes, making sure that we fully develop their academic and athletic potential. Through practice, training and competition, we strive to instill the following values in each student athlete:

  1. All for the glory of God

  2. Good sportsmanship

  3. Personal integrity

  4. Appreciation for the benefits of hard work and perseverance.

  5. Loyalty to their team and the ability to function with teammates

  6. Pride in accomplishments gained through fair and honest means. 

  7. Pride in self, and community.


It is the goal of the Athletic Department to serve and direct student athletes through a path that combines their educational pursuits along with athletic participation. We emphasize that our athletes are students first and foremost while also being a competitive athletic program as it contributes significantly to the teaching and development of students. 


We provide teams to compete in games held in Korea:

  • Korea Independent School Activities Association [KISAA]

  • Korean International Schools Activities Conference [KISAC]

  • Korean-American Interscholastic Activities Conference [KAIAC].

KISAA is a 9 member conference that participates in athletics and academic competitions in and around Seoul. KISAA is a non-profit and unincorporated organization that independent schools voluntarily participate in every year. KISAA shall seek to create, promote and foster co-operation among its member schools. It seeks to promote and sponsor activities and athletic events, and to serve as an extension of each member school's program to enhance the development of the students, the school and the organization.

KISAC (Korean International Schools Activities Conference) has designed competitions for all students in Grades 2 – 12.  It is a structure sporting framework for present and all future schools within the region. It encourages young athletes to experience the playing of sport against local and national schools throughout Jeju Island and Korea.  KISAC believe it is essential that we grow our talent through opportunity and life long learning.

KAIAC is a non-profit unincorporated organization that qualified schools voluntarily enter into membership. Mission of KAIAC is to provide a well-rounded program of interscholastic activities for its member schools.

Sports Programs





Table Tennis



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