"Where there is no guidance, a people falls, but in an abundance of counselors there is safety."

- Proverbs 11:14 (ESV)


Fayston College Counselors provide a holistic university guidance for high school students with/through 1:1 counseling sessions, systematic strategies, and individual roadmaps specifically designed to tailor each student's needs. Fayston Counselors not only help students with academic but also support every students to find their calling and identity in Christ which will eventually prepare them for college and life after schooling.

Fayston College Counseling at a glance:

  • College Counseling Orientation

  • College Fair/Workshop

  • Overview of College Admissions

  • 1:1 College Application Process Counseling

  • 1:1 College Essay Guidance with Counselor

  • Intro to College Life



The Fayston College Counseling Team presents strategic vision for the college bound students and leads the college search and application process. Through 'FPS Counseling Strategies,' we will inspire students to sek the life's mission and to find the "best fit" university.

Fayston stresses bringing out the core values of our students. We treasure students' identities and their voices. We want to know what they believe in and how they wish to serve and influence mankind in the world. Once their quest for their calling and their worldview is uncovered, it is with that purpose and motivation that they are asked to fulfill their scores required for that specific university. With a thorough speculation and consulting, students are fully prepared to pursue their requirements not because they must, but because they know their reason why.


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