Minimum Qualifications 

1. Christian Faith!

2. Fluent English! (Bilingual Preferred)

3. High Moral Values and Professionalism! 

4. All elementary teachers must have a teacher's certification! 

5. A College Degree from English-spoken countries such as USA, Canada, Australia, and UK. 

6. Teaching Experience of 2 or more years (No teaching experience: Apply as an intern teacher) 


1. Teacher's Certification!

2. Master's or higher degrees in Education or Subject-related Areas!


1. Send your Cover Letter and Resume via Email:

2. Get ready for your job interview (Bring your college diploma, transcripts, and two recommendation letters and prepare a 15-minute demo lesson) 

3. Come for an initial interview and the final interview!   

Looking for Employment Opportunities?

'We now hire teachers!' 


- Homeroom Teachers (1~5) 


- One Math teacher

- One Science teacher

- One English teacher

We hire teachers ALL Year Round! Apply now! 


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