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Corona Virus Notice

The entire country is in turmoil due to the Corona 19 virus. Meanwhile, please ask for more prayer. The Ministry of Education has delayed the opening of the public school on March 9th. The current situation suggests that this schedule is also likely to be delayed. As the number of confirmed students is increasing exponentially, and the number of confirmed students is increasing in the resin area (around school), it is a time for schools and families to work together to pay more attention to student safety. The Fayston Leaders discussed the Spring Semester and the student safety. The final decision is as follows. Please review the notice carefully.

1. You will not be in school from March 2-6. But the prepared class starts online. If the corona crisis calms down and the school opens on March 9, then the school will cancel the spring break and conduct MAKE-UP classes during this period.

2. If the corona is not resolved on March 9, the school will hold a full-scale remote class from March 9 to 27. All students will participate in remote online classes at home according to the school schedule posted below. Detailed preparations for this will be announced by notice. In this case, the school will hold a spring break from March 30 to April 3, during which time there will be no remote online classes. The school will open on April 6 without any midterms, PTSC, and spring breaks scheduled in April. In addition, half-day or special events will be canceled and we will try to improve our education during the academic year in April and May.

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