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Principal, Daniel K. Paxitzis


University of Missouri-Columbia International Relations

Covenant Theological Seminary MDiv 2 Years of Study

Yonsei Graduate School of Education Executive Education Certificate

Harvard University Higher Education Teaching Certificate 

UCL University College London MBA (Anticipated Completion, August 2022) 



Time Education LinguaForum Senior Researcher/ Published Author

American College Test (ACT) Test Coordinator

Overseas Association for College Admission Counseling (OACAC) Member Founder & Principal, Fayston Preparatory of Suji

Founder & Chair, Korea Independent School Association (KISA)

Headmaster, NJUCA New Jersey, USA 


2018 Korea Economic Culture Award, International Education

Welcome to

Fayston Preparatory of Suji!

I am extremely glad to serve as the principal of such an amazing community. I believe an international academy is not only an institution where students acquire language skills and academic knowledge, but a place where students acquire self-esteem, moral values, and creativity to interact with other international citizens.


Students at Fayston, for this reason, learn to cooperate with other students and teachers to learn and acquire sociability which will eventually enhance their learning experience and life quality. Building a close relationship with God and his neighbors including friends, teachers, and all people on earth is the key to success and true happiness that echo to eternity. With this unique philosophy of education, Fayston is getting ready to expand and serve the world. Fayston teachers are fully committed to give their full attention to rebuild a community that truly cares each individual with the love of Christ and spring up well-rounded and thoroughly-equipped Christians to the international society to serve humanity and to change the world. 

Whether you realize it or not, the role of a Christian academy is tremendous in terms of maintaining high social values and life quality. And this is the reason why we need more Christian academies around the world. More than that, Christian educators who will take the teaching responsibility a bit more seriously with passion to change a young person's life. At this time of uncertainty, Fayston is committed to raise up and educate our next generations with the authentic Christian education. Fayston is taking another step forward to educate every student with the true meaning of international and Christian education and the full-awareness of its importance. Fayston will become a role model for Korean, international, and Christian academies in Korea and worldwide.

God Bless,

Daniel Paxitzis

Principal of Fayston Preparatory of Suji

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